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Voices of Disruption with Deborah Olatunji

Deborah Olatunji

The Voices of Disruption Podcast is all about showcasing the visionaries of Generation Z and is hosted by the author of Unleashing Your Innovative Genius: High School Redesigned, Deborah Olatunji. This show is for young people with disruptive mindsets (early adapters to much-needed change) who are redesigning systems that do not work and do not serve their purposes anymore, all while having conversations about how to continue to turn our LOUD disruptions into IGNITED agency and CONSISTENT actions. There’s a whole lot of pain and loneliness in the world right now and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the prospect of knowing what you want to do with your life. This podcast will show you that you can still be a disruptor without having everything all figured out! Each episode will empower you to realize that you can still share your voice with having the entire script perfectly written and edited. The Voices of Disruption Podcast speaks directly to how you can learn to unleash and use your disruptive voice while having a place to plug into to learn new ideas and perspectives and develop yourself as a member of Gen Z! Watch out world, Gen Z is taking over!!
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